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Hi, I’m Carl Williams

Born and educated in the UK, I have spent the majority of my adult life with my wife and three children residing in France and Switzerland, but also travelling around the world on business.  I consider myself incredibly fortunate in having had the opportunity to experience so many different places and cultures.

I wholeheartedly recommend the travel to everyone but the aggregation of 3am wake-ups for 6am flights, airport security, delays, lost luggage, packing and unpacking can eventually lose its appeal! Consequently, I now rarely travel for business and instead enjoy the fantastic quality of life that Switzerland offers – stunning mountains, lakes and forests all on one’s doorstep. 

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I like change a lot, which has driven me to work as an employee and as an entrepreneur in a number of different industries namely; Sports Marketing, Health & Fitness, Medical Devices, Retail, Energy Efficiency and Consulting and, in 11 different organisations – large, medium and small.

Being involved in marketing some of the world’s biggest sports events e.g., the Olympic Games the FIFA World Cup and the Asian Games was undoubtedly the most fun I’ve had professionally, but the most dynamic and intellectually stimulating has been Consulting. Working inside so many different industries and companies is professionally enlightening although there is always some degree of déjà vu in that many of the day-to-day challenges organisations face are similar.

I have long felt that formal education falls short in providing young people with essential life skills. Effectively, we need more emphasis on subjects such as job interview skills, personal finance and negotiation and less on who won a battle in 1690! I’m far from alone in this belief so the mission is clear. Start filling those skills and knowledge gaps without forcing anyone to go back to school and galvanize enough people in the process to influence real change in the system so that future generations are better prepared.

Join me on that journey.

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