Young Zinger


“Why didn’t they teach us that at school” is something we have either said privately to ourselves, or heard others cry out all too often.

It’s not surprising because the current education system was developed in the nineteenth century. It forces young people through antiquated structures studying the same, often inconsequential subjects.

Formal education continues to bypass many of the basic lessons we need to successfully navigate through life.

This book starts to fill many of the gaps that formal education largely forgets.

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Whether you’re looking for work for the first time, or you’re already two-five years into professional life and wondering if there is something better out there, this book provides you with the essential tools and techniques to be confident and competent in: Networking, Finding a job, Salary negotiation, Dealing with conflict, Working with a difficult boss and successfully steering your way through many more real-life occurrences.

At some point in your career, you’ll encounter pretty much every scenario in this book. When you do, rather than scratching your head and wondering what to do next, you’ll have the tools and information at your fingertips which facilitate you taking rapid but measured action.

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